Lions Club of Healesville Inc.

District 201V5 Victoria Australia. PO Box 167, Healesville 3777

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Fellowship . . . good times . . . helping others . . . meeting people . .  making new friends . . . learning new skills . . . sharing knowledge . . . leadership . . . personal development . . . community service . . .  travel . . . satisfaction . . . fun . . . belonging

These are just some of the benefits of being a member of Lions, the largest and most active service organisation in the world.

Lions Club membership:

-             Starts at just $1.35 per week

-             Time needed starts at just 3 hours per month

In Lions we fully understand the commitments of having a family, a full time job or an already busy social life because we all have them too.

The Lions Club has an absolute policy..... Family and friends always come first, work second, and then Lions. If you aren't available when we have something on, that's fine.

Its not all work either. We have regular social dinners, have fun and play jokes on one another. You get to make new friends and have a good time whilst you help your community.

Any member of the community, over 18 years old, of good moral character can apply to join a Lions Club - so call us. Come along to a business and dinner meeting to see what happens - no obligation.

To join us, either contact us directly or click on the link below and put Healesville in as your known Club. Your application will get to us through our District Office and we will contact you when we receive it.

Thank you so much for your interest. We like you already!

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