Lions Club of Healesville Inc.

District 201V5 Victoria Australia. PO Box 167, Healesville 3777

Welcome to the Lions Club of Healesville

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The Lions Club has been nominated for a Nobel Prize


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The Lions Club has reached a new record membership - We are now a team of over  1.4 million people dedicated to making a difference - locally, nationally and globally.

The Lions Club of Healesville has been helping our local communities for over 55 years. In that time we have raised over $1.5 million dollars for local schools, community support groups and service organisations like the CFA.

Join us in helping make a difference

We are always looking for new people who might want to join us and help us to do even more.

If you can afford $3 a week and spare 3 hours a month, then you can enjoy the great personal and community benefits of Lions Club membership - so................

Don't just be a resident of your community, join us and be an active part of it!

Why don't you check out all the bits of this website to see all the amazing things we get up to as Lions, locally, nationally and internationally.

Donations and Bequests

The Lions Club of Healesville is able to accept personal donations and bequests. 100% of your donation is returned back into the community, unless you direct us otherwise, through Lions projects and other local causes. You can even stipulate what you want your donation to be used for. Let us know and we will arrange it.

To make a donation or bequest, please contact our Lions Club Treasurer. Thank you.

Becoming a Lion

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